Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keeping it straight

Businesses that sweep honesty under the carpet while they make a fast buck get short shrift from clients in the long run.
That has always been true, and social media has made it even more difficult for the smooth operators to flourish. It takes just an instant for a dissatisfied consumer to leap onto Twitter, Facebook or a blog and make their displeasure known.
However, our motivation should not be the fear of being found out. We ought rather to depart from a point of integrity, and consistently deal in a manner that is ethical, open and honest. This is what HWB strives for in our dealings with clients and it is the quality we look for in our clients and service providers. Our founding statement remains Focus, Attention to Detail and Follow Through.
Our drive this year will be to continue to work with integrity. In this manner we hope to grow our business – and assist our clients to grow theirs – to new heights in 2014 and beyond. 
Take care out there

Evelyn John Holtzhausen
CEO at HWB Communciations