Thursday, February 3, 2011

SAIIA ranked best think thank in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2010: GLOBAL SURVEY

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) has been rated the best think tank for 2010 in Sub-Saharan Africa. In an annual survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, SAIIA was also nominated among the top 75 think tanks globally, out of 6480 think tanks from 169 countries invited to participate in the process.

SAIIA National Director, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, welcomed the commendation saying: “We are delighted to receive this honour for the second successive year, especially because it comes from peers across the world. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of our donors, partners, members and SAIIA staff.”

In its fourth year of publication, the “Global Go-To Think Tank” report seeks to recognise the leading public policy institutions and highlight the contributions these organisations make to governments and civil society globally. The selection criteria consider a range of factors, including, the organisation’s academic reputation, access to policymakers, media reputation and the overall output of the organisation.

Citing the United Nations Development Programme, that identifies think tanks as “[the] bridge between knowledge and power,” the 2010 Global Go-To Think Tank report also identifies a number of trends and challenges in the sector. These include how global partnerships have improved trans-national co-operation which “maximizes expertise and minimizes redundancy across countries.”

Global Go-To Think Tank 2010 [PDF]

(Tim Hughes is research fellow at SAIIA and a director of Diplocom Communications International, jointly owned by ReadDillon and HWB)